Tired of yelling at your PC?

Let us help you!

PC Accelerate Pro is a powerful application that makes cleaning up your computer a simple process. PC Accelerate Pro scans your computer and lets you know how many errors there are. PC Accelerate Pro can find registry errors, improve optimization, fix browser extensions, and even free up disk space by eliminating unused files.

Optimize Your PC

Increase your system performance with PC Accelerate Pro.

PC Accelerate Pro will ensure system wide security by backing up system files and updating old registry files.

  • Speed up performance
  • Get rid of errors
  • Free up hard drive space

Fix Errors Easily

Pc Accelerate Pro is a great application if you have a lot of problems on your computer. The application has an intuitive interface that was made for the user. Spend less time fiddling with options and more time using your computer for the things you want to do.

  • One-click button to get rid of errors
  • Easily delete unwanted files
  • Ensure system-wide performance without a hassle


"Slow, unresponsive, and clogged- this was my computer. Then after I scanned my computer with PC Accelerate Pro I had the pleasure of deleting and fixing everything that was causing issues." - Mary S.
"I just thought I needed a new computer, but then PC Accelerate Pro made my old computer feel like brand new." - Jack R.